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The 3:44 p.m. Number: 2-7

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2-7 -- The Flyers record in the next series after winning a series 4-2.

In their history the Flyers have won a best-of-seven series by the score of four-games-to-two 12 times. Two of these wins were fairly memorable, coming in the 1974 and 1975 Stanley Cup Finals. These wins were followed by parades.

But 10 times, the 4-2 wins came before the final round, so they were followed by another series. And those series haven't gone so well, so far.

Year Round Flyers beat … Next Round Opponent Result
1973 Quarterfinal North Stars Semifinal Montreal Canadiens Loss
1977 Quarterfinal Maple Leafs Semifinal Boston Bruins Loss
1985 Wales Final Nordiques Stanley Cup Final Edmonton Oilers Loss
1987 Patrick Semifinal Rangers Patrick Final New York Islanders Win
1987 Wales Final Canadiens Stanley Cup Final Edmonton Oilers Loss
1989 Patrick Semifinal Capitals Patrick Final Pittsburgh Penguins Win
1996 East Quarterfinal Lightning East Semifinal Florida Panthers Loss
2000 East Semifinal Penguins East Final New Jersey Devils Loss
2004 East Semifinal Maple Leafs East Final Tampa Bay Lightning Loss
2012 East Quarterfinal Penguins East Semifinal ? ?