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Flyers vs. Devils: On Danny Briere's first OT goal in Game 1

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No need to adjust your speakers. There's no sound on this video.

We all know the officials made the right call here. Danny Briere kicked the puck into the back of the net, and you're not allowed to kick the puck into the back of the net in professional ice hockey. You're allowed to direct the puck towards the back of the net with your stick, but you can't use a distinct kicking motion while doing so.

Danny Briere kicked the hell out of that puck. It wasn't a goal, and it was a very good call by the officials to waive it off.

That's not what I want to talk about right now, though. There was something else on this goal-not-goal that caught my attention. Prepare for Martin Brodeur jokes.

Seriously. How did this puck even find its way to the back of the net? Watch Marty swing and miss in the video above. Watch it in the GIF below. Sure, it's slow motion. Still embarrassing.


Maaaaaarty ... Maaaaaaaarty ...

His reaction time must be slowing in his old age. I thought we had the funniest Martin Brodeur GIF of the game locked up earlier in the second period during/after James van Riemsdyk's goal, but man, this one is close too.

Okay, nevermind. No it's not.