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Flyers Put Sabres to Sleep, Eliminate Buffalo from Playoffs


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Yes, the Flyers 2-1 win over Buffalo helped Washington get closer to making the playoffs (their win clinched their spot), but look on the bright side: we get to watch the Rangers destroy the Capitals.

For a team that needed to win, Buffalo looked pretty bad. They came out and got only three shots on goal in the first period and, according to the CSNPhilly broadcast, recorded zero scoring chances. Sure, the Flyers played solid defense - very solid, actually - but that's just embarrassing for the Sabres.

The game was so boring that if you fell asleep after that first period, nobody would blame you. In fact, at 8:31 pm I saw this:

No word who it was, but it doesn't matter: There's no shame there, anonymous media member. I'm pretty sure I saw Peter Laviolette nodding off on the bench, too.

The Flyers did win - thanks to goals from Marc-Andre Bourdon and Matt Read - though, locking themselves into the fifth spot and a first round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  • GameCenter was not behaving - I blame Travis - so most of the game I saw was pixelated. If I missed anything, I blame technology.
  • But I did see Jody Shelley almost score! That guy should sign a three-game contract so he only plays in Games 80, 81 and 82. He'd be an All-Star.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov looked good, but he also looked overly-aggressive. Maybe it was just me, though.
  • The Sabres' only goal came from Ville Leino, his eighth(!) of the year. It came after Drew Stafford beat Bryzgalov but caught iron and Matt Carle failed to clear the puck and/or box out/cross-check Leino.
  • Braydon Coburn once again led the team in ice time, but he was followed by Bourdon and Andreas Lilja, both of whom saw over 20 minutes. Good for them.
  • Hartnell, Jagr, and Giroux each had five shots on goal. Kind of quirky.

Questions to Answer

  1. Can the Flyers match the Sabres must-win style intensity? Neither side was very intense at all tonight, which is surprising for Buffalo.
  2. Can the Flyers, for the love of God, score the first goal? No.
  3. The Sabres are without defensemen Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers. Can the Flyers capitalize? Buffalo's given up a lot of goals without those two in the lineup. Only two, but Read's goal was a pretty big breakdown.
  4. Defense. Does it exist tonight? Yes, except for that piece of shit Matt Carle.

Comment of the Night

so, i just woke up from a two hour nap. anything happen?

f2yers8 -- Posted before the first period was over, applicable when the game was over.