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Penguins call up goon Steve MacIntyre for Saturday's game vs. Flyers

Hoooooooo boy. Steve MacIntrye has been called up by the Pittsburgh Penguins. He'll play Saturday vs. the Flyers.

That video above is just about a month old. He completely "lost his marbles" as the broadcast so aptly put it, and now he's in the NHL. Man, I can't wait til some Pens fan mentions how "the Flyers always goon it up!" during this upcoming playoff series. Laughing at that person is going to be so satisfying.

A minor-league-level goon, MacIntyre has been in pro hockey since 2001 but has only played 89 NHL games. He's never played more than 34 games in a single season ... and that season was played with the atrocious Edmonton Oilers. For the record, he's never suited up for a playoff game in the NHL.

Let's repeat: It might be smart to rest some guys on Saturday afternoon.