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Nicklas Grossmann doesn't need knee surgery


Finally some good news on the injury front for the Philadelphia Flyers. According to Bill Meltzer, Nicklas Grossmann does not need surgery on his knee. Lars Cedarström, Grossmann's Swedish agent, told Meltzer that the knee is fine.

That's certainly contrary to what we had believed. Grossmann wasn't on the injury list released by the Flyers on Saturday morning, but reports out of Sweden earlier this month indicated that knee surgery would be necessary for Grossmann. He missed the final three games of the regular season with a knee injury after a hit from Joe Vitale of the Penguins, and he was reported to have worn a knee brace for the remainder of the season afterwards.

Grossmann missed the final two games of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals after taking an elbow to the head from Evgeni Malkin. That second injury obviously has nothing to do with his knee though, unless ... wait a minute ...

Grossmann signed a four-year, $14 million deal with the Flyers in early April.