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Vote Claude Giroux, and keep Evgeni Malkin's face off the NHL 13 cover

Generally speaking, I think the Flyers Twitter account is sort of lame. It's not their fault, really -- it's just very generic and bland, and the total opposite of the @LAKings or even the pretty funny Florida Panthers feed or that of the Columbus Blue Jackets. But this hash tag they used this morning? Gold, Jerry.

#malkOUT. Everybody loves a good pun. That's a damn good pun right there.

Seriously, though: Go vote for Claude Giroux right now. Vote a million times. There's nothing stopping you. Do we understand the consequences here? If you don't vote for Claude Giroux, there's a really good chance that this face winds up on the cover of NHL 13. Please think of the children. Vote for Claude.


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