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Flyers vs. Devils, ECSF Game 3 preview: It's all about work ethic

[insert typical "packed house" joke here]
[insert typical "packed house" joke here]

7:30 p.m., Prudential Center
Newark, New Jersey

Game 3, Eastern Semifinals
Series tied, 1-1
TV: NBC Sports Network, CBC
: In Lou We Trust

After an utter abomination of a hockey game in Game 2, the Flyers look to get back on the horse in Game 3 tonight at Prudential Center.

It all starts with the forecheck. New Jersey was brilliant in establishing their own forecheck after roughly the 13 or 14 minute mark of the first period on Tuesday evening at the WFC, and that's where the game was really won for the Devils. When the puck is deep in the defensive end and the other team is outskating you, you're never going to be able to establish a forecheck of your own.

That's how you end up with two shots in the second period of a playoff game.

The Flyers need to quickly take over the attack in Game 3. They cannot allow a carryover from the second and third periods of Game 2. There's no concern over the Max Talbot, Sean Couturier and Eric Wellwood line. They were the only unit with a real spark on Tuesday night, however, and tonight's game is one where the Flyers need the top unit of Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell and Jaromir Jagr to step up and lead the way.

It's odd when hockey just breaks down to work ethic, but that was really the difference in Game 2. We can talk about the power play and how the Devils defense shut down the G line, but it really all does just boil down to skating and dictating the tempo. Tonight's game plan isn't all that tough. Just put in the work, play with some jam and grab home-ice advantage back from sewers of Newark.

Head on over to In Lou We Trust for the Devils look at tonight's game. 7:30 p.m. on NBCSN and 610 WIP.