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Chris Therien just made a Jerry Sandusky 'joke'

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So um, this happened. That's Chris Therien, former Flyer and current radio color man, making a Jerry Sandusky joke after a Penguins fan called him "unprofessional." I think we might need some background here.

If you recall, Therien was up in arms a few weeks back when Sidney Crosby was running all over the place in Game 3 between the Flyers and Penguins. He went on a lengthy rant about Crosby's antics in that game, we all thought said rant was awesome, etc.

Since, Bundy has been equally as heated regarding illegal hits around the league. Alex Ovechkin's hit on Dan Girardi in the Caps-Rangers game was the most recent example. But Sunday night, after Claude Giroux hit Dainius Zubrus, Therien was curiously quiet. I can't say I listened to the broadcast, but he didn't mention much on Twitter about the hit and it might be safe to assume he wasn't quite as animated as he was with the Crosby stuff.

Watch: Claude Giroux's hit on Zubrus | Ovechkin on Girardi

Seth Rorabaugh (@emptynetters) of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pointed this out on Twitter, also mentioning a similar trend among some other Philly media types. Seth retweeted Therien and a bunch of Flyers writers, some of his ~10,000 followers got on board, and Therien responded with a sexual molestation joke. Yep.

Therien has already apologized. (one, two, three)

No it was a Penn st jab about the heat were hearing from pens fans. Absolutely not about that whatsoever and you guys know it. Thats not who I am.

Their is absolutely nothing funny about that situation. It was a response only to a tweeter with a penn St name in his Bio. Apologies to all offended. By no means was that intended to harm anyone.

I would certainly hope all of you know that was supposed to be a "joke" I certainly did not mean to offend anyone and if I did I am truly sorry. I have fun with all pens fans and did not mean it to be derogatory in any form.

This absolutely could get Therien fired, or at least suspended from his role as color man on radio broadcasts, but who knows what comes of this. What do you think? Should he be fired?