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Why I'm not outraged at Claude Giroux's suspension

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Claude Giroux was suspended one game by the NHL today. You probably disagree with that, and given the NHL's general lack of cojones when it comes to suspending players in this postseason, you're absolutely right to be frustrated with Brendan Shanahan's decision.

No suspension to Shea Weber for grabbing a dude's head and shoving it into the glass? No suspension to Evgeni Malkin for multiple elbows to the heads of Flyers players? No suspension to James Neal for his hit on Sean Couturier in the Conference Semifinals, and only one game for his same-shift hit on Giroux?

Yeah, you have the right to be angry. Frustrated might be the proper word, really. But there's no reason to be outraged.

If we're going to get mad at the Malkin hits and the Neal hits and the Weber hits and any other hit that's been laid down in these playoffs, and if we think those were all suspension worthy, then we can't say this hit wasn't suspension worthy. And if this hit was suspension worthy, we can't possibly be all that mad that Giroux was suspended, right?

Be mad at the NHL's ridiculous inconsistency when it comes to suspensions. Be mad that they've finally decided to lay down the law here when they should have done so long before today. But don't pretend like Claude Giroux doesn't deserve a suspension for throwing his shoulder into Dainius Zubrus' head.

He does. It was the right call. Maybe we should instead direct the anger at the star player who's going to deservedly miss a pivotal game because he couldn't keep his emotions in check.