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Flyers lose Brendan Ranford's rights

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The Flyers failed to sign 2010 seventh-round draft pick Brendan Ranford prior to a Friday 5 p.m. deadline, and as a result, Ranford will re-enter the draft in 2012. Ranford told Canadian hockey reporter Gregg Drinnan the news after Friday's deadline.

Ranford, 20, turned heads during his 2010-11 season with Kamloops, the year after he was drafted as the 209th overall pick. He scored 44 points in the first 26 games, but he steeply dropped off over the rest of the regular season, posting 42 more points in his remaining 40 games. Not awful, mind you, but not the torrid pace he saw early that season.

Ranford posted 92 points in 69 games this past season.