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Jaromir Jagr to test free agency, according to report

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Jaromir Jagr may still wind up with the Philadelphia Flyers next season, but according to TSN's Darren Dreger, the only way that will happen is through free agency. Jagr plans on testing the market come July 1.

As much as we've fallen in love with Jagr over the last year or so, this isn't necessarily the worst news in the world. We all know Jagr enjoyed his time in Philadelphia and maybe there's a chance he comes back. But should somebody else throw a bunch of money his way, he won't be back here, and for the Flyers to throw a bunch of money at a 40-year-old -- even if that 40-year-old is Jaromir Jagr -- isn't a wise thing to do.

Hopefully, then, the only chance of him coming back is if it's at the right price, which I think we can all agree is the only way he should come back. Jagr's agent, former Flyer Petr Svoboda, told Comcast SportsNet that he and Paul Holmgren will speak at the draft later this week in Pittsburgh. If it works out, we'll welcome back Jags with open arms. If not, it was nice to have him in orange and black for a year.