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Philadelphia Flyers 2012-13 Schedule Released: Season Set To Begin Oct. 11 At Home vs. Bruins

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We're not going to mention the whole CBA thing, because if I read one more snarky comment about how next season might be delayed with a lockout or strike, I'm gonna lose it. So with that said, the Flyers are scheduled to open the 2012-13 season at home against the Boston Bruins on Thursday, October 11.

We're bored with the Bruins at this point, but at least the season opens on home ice this time around. Oh, and the game will start on time. That's good too. The first divisional game is Game No. 2 of the season on the road against the Islanders, and the year will end in April with three home games: Pittsburgh on April 9, Ottawa on April 11 and the Rangers on April 13.

We have the same schedule format this season as in past seasons, thanks to the NHLPA's rejection of the proposed realignment that was set to go into effect for 2012-13. That means six games against each team in the division, four against intra-conference non-division teams and 18 others, including at least one against every team from the West.

For the full schedule, click here.