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More highlights from the 2012-13 Philadelphia Flyers schedule

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The NHL announced the schedule for next season earlier today, and we learned that the Philadelphia Flyers season will, CBA pending, open on October 11 with a home game against the Boston Bruins. But that's not the only highlight of the schedule. Let's take a look at some of the other key dates across the 82 game year.

  • The Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild, Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings and Edmonton Oilers all visit the Wells Fargo Center this season from the West.
  • The Flyers will travel west to face the Blackhawks, Sharks, Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets, Los Angeles Kings, Nashville Predators, Phoenix Coyotes, St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks.
  • Winnipeg comes to town for the Black Friday game this season at 3 p.m. on Friday, November 23. The Flyers hit the road for a five-game road trip (all in the Eastern Time Zone) after that game.
  • The annual Christmas road trip happens again this year, as the Flyers will be displaced from the WFC due to Disney On Ice. The trip begins December 23 with a game in Ottawa, and they'll travel to Nashville, St. Louis, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Jose and Vancouver before returning to Philly to host the Canadiens on January 10. It's the longest road trip of the season.
  • The coolest potential part of the road trip? No, not the road trip possibilities to the Music City. No, not the game in Los Angeles against Richie & Co. It's the game in Phoenix on New Year's Eve. The 9 p.m. ET start means the Flyers could be wrapping up a win just as we celebrate the start of 2013 here in Philly.
  • Lengthy homestands: Five games from February 21 to March 1, four games from February 2 to February 9, and a three-gamer to close the season in which the Flyers host Pittsburgh, Ottawa and the Rangers. There are two other three game homestands as well.
  • According to Dirk Hoag's NHL Super Schedule over at On the Forecheck, the Flyers travel the fewest miles in the NHL in 2012-13. They'll log 27,143 miles during the entire season -- that's roughly 3,000 fewer than the New York Islanders, the closest team to them on the list. They ranked seventh-best in the NHL a year ago with 34,193 miles traveled during the regular season. The league average this year is 39,792 miles, and Dallas is again saddled with the worst travel schedule in the NHL, logging 49,951 miles over the course of the season.
  • Philadelphia will play 15 sets back-to-back games though, according to the Super Schedule, and that's good for second-most in the league. Four teams -- including the Devils and Islanders -- play 16 sets of back-to-back games.

A look at the schedule against each Atlantic Division team plus a full schedule grid can be found below.

  • Six games against Pittsburgh: October 18, February 12, February 20, March 24, March 26 (home-and-home), April 9.
  • Six games against New Jersey: November 1, December 11, December 19, December 21 (home-and-home), February 15, March 13.
  • Six games against the Rangers: November 4, November 24, January 12, February 17, February 25, April 13.
  • Six games against the Islanders: October 13, November 29, December 8, December 9 (home-and-home), March 1, March 28.
Date Visitor Home Time
Thu Oct 11 Boston Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Oct 13 Flyers NY Islanders 7:00 PM
Thu Oct 18 Pittsburgh Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Oct 20 Winnipeg Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Oct 25 Flyers Montreal 7:30 PM
Sat Oct 27 Toronto Flyers 7:00 PM
Sun Oct 28 Flyers Buffalo 5:00 PM
Tue Oct 30 Dallas Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 1 New Jersey Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Nov 3 Anaheim Flyers 1:00 PM
Sun Nov 4 Flyers NY Rangers 7:00 PM
Tue Nov 6 Buffalo Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 8 Flyers Carolina 7:00 PM
Sat Nov 10 Carolina Flyers 7:00 PM
Tue Nov 13 Minnesota Flyers 7:00 PM
Fri Nov 16 Flyers Buffalo 7:00 PM
Sat Nov 17 Buffalo Flyers 7:00 PM
Wed Nov 21 Ottawa Flyers 7:00 PM
Fri Nov 23 Winnipeg Flyers 3:00 PM
Sat Nov 24 Flyers NY Rangers 1:00 PM
Wed Nov 28 Flyers Toronto 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 29 Flyers NY Islanders 7:00 PM
Sat Dec 1 Flyers Florida 7:30 PM
Tue Dec 4 Flyers Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
Thu Dec 6 San Jose Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Dec 8 Flyers NY Islanders 1:00 PM
Sun Dec 9 NY Islanders Flyers 7:00 PM
Tue Dec 11 New Jersey Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Dec 13 Flyers Washington 7:00 PM
Sat Dec 15 Carolina Flyers 1:00 PM
Wed Dec 19 New Jersey Flyers 7:30 PM
Fri Dec 21 Flyers New Jersey 7:00 PM
Sun Dec 23 Flyers Ottawa 1:00 PM
Thu Dec 27 Flyers Nashville 8:00 PM
Sat Dec 29 Flyers St. Louis 8:00 PM
Mon Dec 31 Flyers Phoenix 9:00 PM
Thu Jan 3 Flyers Los Angeles 10:30 PM
Sat Jan 5 Flyers San Jose 10:30 PM
Sun Jan 6 Flyers Vancouver 9:00 PM
Thu Jan 10 Montreal Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Jan 12 NY Rangers Flyers 1:00 PM
Tue Jan 15 Flyers Winnipeg 8:00 PM
Thu Jan 17 Washington Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Jan 19 Calgary Flyers 1:00 PM
Sun Jan 20 Flyers Chicago 7:30 PM
Wed Jan 23 Toronto Flyers 7:30 PM
Tue Jan 29 Flyers Minnesota 8:00 PM
Fri Feb 1 Flyers Washington 7:00 PM
Sat Feb 2 Detroit Flyers 7:00 PM
Tue Feb 5 Tampa Bay Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Feb 7 Florida Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Feb 9 Edmonton Flyers 2:00 PM
Tue Feb 12 Flyers Pittsburgh 7:00 PM
Thu Feb 14 Flyers Columbus 7:00 PM
Fri Feb 15 Flyers New Jersey 7:00 PM
Sun Feb 17 Flyers NY Rangers TBD
Wed Feb 20 Flyers Pittsburgh 7:30 PM
Thu Feb 21 Florida Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Feb 23 Colorado Flyers 1:00 PM
Mon Feb 25 NY Rangers Flyers 7:00 PM
Wed Feb 27 Washington Flyers 7:30 PM
Fri Mar 1 NY Islanders Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Mar 2 Flyers Toronto 7:00 PM
Mon Mar 4 Tampa Bay Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Mar 9 Flyers Boston 1:00 PM
Sun Mar 10 Chicago Flyers 3:00 PM
Wed Mar 13 Flyers New Jersey 7:30 PM
Fri Mar 15 Montreal Flyers 7:00 PM
Sun Mar 17 Flyers Florida 6:00 PM
Mon Mar 18 Flyers Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
Fri Mar 22 Flyers Carolina 7:00 PM
Sun Mar 24 Flyers Pittsburgh 7:30 PM
Tue Mar 26 Pittsburgh Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Mar 28 NY Islanders Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Mar 30 Flyers Boston 1:00 PM
Sun Mar 31 Boston Flyers 7:30 PM
Tue Apr 2 Flyers Montreal 7:30 PM
Thu Apr 4 Flyers Ottawa 7:30 PM
Sat Apr 6 Flyers Winnipeg 7:00 PM
Tue Apr 9 Pittsburgh Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Apr 11 Ottawa Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Apr 13 NY Rangers Flyers 3:00 PM