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NHL Draft 2012: Listen As Newest Flyer Scott Laughton Speaks

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Travis Hughes/SB Nation
Travis Hughes/SB Nation

PITTSBURGH -- The Flyers drafted Scott Laughton, a center from the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League, with the No. 20 pick of the 2012 NHL Draft. The pick was a bit off the board -- ISS had Laughton pegged to go 28th in the draft -- but one quick glance at the scouting report is all the indication you need here as to why the Flyers picked him.

"Leads by example." "Smart two-way forward." "Hard worker." And, well, it might be sore to bring this up again, but he really plays a lot like Mike Richards.

"I've been looking up to Mike Richards for a while now," he told us. "He's a guy that I love to watch play and I really like Shane Doan too. Those two guys are huge for me and I like to model myself after them. They're just really good players and they're always there for their team in the playoffs and everything like that. They're heart and soul type of guys so I really like looking at those guys."

Full audio of Laughton's four-and-a-half minute long talk with the media below: