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NHL Draft 2012: Watch as Penguins fans boo Flyers, Paul Holmgren snaps back

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PITTSBURGH -- Oh, Penguins fans. You realize the Flyers were awarded the 2014 NHL Draft today and that we're going to get a chance to one-up the hell out of you on this, right?

The Pittsburgh crowd here at CONSOL Energy Center booed the Flyers mercilessly as Paul Holmgren, Peter Luukko and Co. made their way to the stage before selecting Scott Laughton with the No. 20 pick. The boos rained down so loudly that we could barely even hear Homer as he stepped to the mic. But if you listened closely enough, you could hear just what he said.

"I was going to thank the City of Pittsburgh for their warm welcome, but ... *eye roll* ... the Philadelphia Flyers are proud to select from Oshawa of the Canadian Hockey League, Scott Laughton."

The video is loud -- just be warned. I was excited for the 2014 Draft before this, but now? Damn, that'll be fun.