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James van Riemsdyk traded to Leafs for Luke Schenn (Yes, seriously)

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Homer wants ALL THE SCHENNS.
Homer wants ALL THE SCHENNS.

PITTSBURGH -- The James van Riemsdyk trade rumors have finally come to fruition. The Flyers have traded JvR to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Luke Schenn. Straight up. Wow.

We'll have to digest this one for a while, but the Flyers' interest in Schenn has been well-noted over the last several years. Of course, Luke comes to join his brother Brayden in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, van Riemsdyk has always been high on Brian Burke's priority list -- big, strong, American power forward.

Schenn and van Riemsdyk are sort of in the same boat. They've been a bit underwhelming over the last few years and each gets a fresh start thanks to this trade. Schenn has a ton of potential -- top pair, shutdown defenseman potential -- but there's still plenty of room to grow for him. The same exact thing can be said of JvR though, of course.

Schenn is under contract until 2015-16 with a $3.6 million cap hit.van Riemsdyk is locked in until 2017-18 with a $4.25 hit, so the Flyers are indeed saving some money here.

June 23 strikes again. Happy anniversary.