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Stanley Cup coming to Jersey Shore in August ... thanks to Justin Williams?

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We've joked about how the Stanley Cup will find its way to the Jersey Shore this summer, notably Sea Isle City, where Jeff Carter still takes residence for much of the offseason. Mike Richards has been known to frequent the beaches, boards and shore towns of South Jersey as well, and John Stevens keeps a home in Sea Isle too.

But it doesn't appear as though Richards or Carter will spend their famed 'Day With The Cup' in New Jersey. Instead, Justin Williams -- the former Flyer who still keeps a summer home in Ventnor -- will spend his day with Stanley in the shore town just south of Atlantic City. That day will come August 2, according to the Canadian Press, while Carter and Richards will spend their days with the Cup later that month in their native Ontario.

We don't know what Coach Stevens or Gagne will do with the Cup, but the official 'Day With The Cup' schedule kicks off next week when Slava Voynov takes the Stanley Cup to Russia.

There are rumors -- unconfirmed, but interesting nonetheless -- that the Cup will be in Avalon this weekend at The Princeton. Who would bring it there? Well, who knows. There's a short list to pick from. This could just be a publicity stunt by the bar or something, but I suppose you can always go find out for yourself on Saturday night.