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Poll: Do you want the Flyers to make a splash in free agency?

The Flyers want Zach Parise. The Flyers want Ryan Suter. The Flyers want everybody.

As it turns out, the numbers don't seem to really add up when it comes to the cap, and it seems unlikely that they're able to get both players. Not without a whole lot of maneuvering, a big salary dump and then even more maneuvering.

Of course, the question mark for these Flyers remains on defense. Adding Suter would address a question mark on the team, but considering they'd probably lose Matt Carle in the process, it wouldn't really solve all that much in the long-term. Adding Parise doesn't seem to address much of a question on the team, as great as the thought of Parise and Claude Giroux on the same line sounds.

Let's just keep it simple for now: Do you want the Flyers to sign these guys? Do you want them to sign one of them? Would you rather see Paul Holmgren throw his phone in the Schuylkill? Vote below, and let us know how you feel in the comments.