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Andreas Lilja to miss start of season after hip surgery


Andreas Lilja will be out of the Flyers' lineup until December after undergoing hip surgery, according to a Swedish report, via Bill Meltzer. Paul Holmgren confirmed with CSN Philly that Lilja did have the surgery to repair what's been called a degenerative hip condition, but he says that Lilja could be back by late October or November instead.

All in all, this really doesn't matter too much for the Flyers. Yeah, it's more depth out the window, but in adding Bruno Gervais via free agency, the team has a suitable replacement for Lilja already in the fold. There was never any guarantee that Lilja would be anything more than a seventh defenseman on this team anyway.

It does appear that both Marc-Andre Bourdon and Erik Gustafsson will make the team in training camp thanks to Lilja's injury -- that is, if the Flyers fail to make another move on defense in the next month or so.

Why did Lilja wait so long for surgery if, as he told the Swedish newspaper, he was experiencing these issues during last season? Lilja said that the hip pain had become routine for him but that it typically went away during the summer month. It lingered this summer and that's what forced the surgery. Still, it is a bit odd that a 37-year-old hockey player just sits around and hopes that chronic hip pain will go away each summer.