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NHL 13 player ratings: Claude Giroux only a 90, Blair Betts apparently still a Flyer

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EA Sports released player ratings for every team in the Eastern Conference on Thursday via Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy, and what you see above is a look at the Philadelphia Flyers' roster. That's how they see things breaking up at present, and while a lot of it -- most of it? -- is pretty accurate, there are a few glaring mistakes.

  • First off, Claude Giroux's only rated a 90? I know he's coming off of his first breakout season and everything and that he might not be as well-established as Sidney Crosby (95) or Alex Ovechkin (93), but considering Ovi has had a few underwhelming seasons in a row now, I'd expect them to be rated a little more closely together. I'd be happy with a 91 or a 92 for Giroux. 90 seems just a touch too low.
  • Chris Pronger is an 85. I'm fine with that, but Braydon Coburn is also an 85. If we're taking points off for Pronger's injury, that's fine, but shouldn't he also be injured and unavailable to the team in the game as well? I always thought these things were put together with the assumption of health. When healthy, Pronger is very obviously a better player than Coburn. Not sure how they manage the same rating.
  • If Pronger is an 85, Luke Schenn is not an 82. If Coburn is an 85, Luke Schenn is not an 82. If Kimmo Timonen is an 84, Luke Schenn is not an 82. etc etc etc.
  • Matt Read the78 vs. Sean Couturier the 77. I suppose that's a pretty good indicator of how offense dictates things when it comes to perception of players, and I guess it also helps that Read made the All-Star team as a rookie. But if you had to pick one of Couturier or Read to be on the team last season, you'd clearly pick Coots and I'm not sure it's even much of a debate. He should be rated higher or at least the same as Read.
  • Pretty sure Jakub Voracek and Wayne Simmonds should be swapped on the depth chart there.
  • Andreas Lilja was apparently ignored. Okay with this.
  • Blair Betts is no longer a member of the Flyers. *pours one out* He's probably not even an NHLer anymore.