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NHL 13's Citizens Bank Park sorta, kinda looks like real Citizens Bank Park

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You can play at Citizens Bank Park in EA Sports' NHL 13, the second year the franchise has included the Winter Classic as part of it's annual game. Last year's depiction of Pittsburgh's Heinz Field was ... well, pretty beautiful. Drool worthy, even. Not sure how you really could have asked for more.

But this year? Sort of underwhelming, as you can see in the video above. There are portions of the stadium that look like Citizens Bank Park, but that giant scoreboard in center field? The stands in left field? No giant Liberty Bell? No ugly skyline-blocking sign from the Vet that still lingers in the parking lot?

It really just looks like Generic Outdoor Stadium No. 7 plus a hockey rink. Disappointing.

Of course, there's reason for that: EA has rights to the NFL -- and thus, Heinz Field -- and they don't have rights to Major League Baseball. In fact, they haven't made an MLB game since MVP Baseball 2005. 2K Sports has the rights to MLB, and yes, Fenway Park looked pretty accurate in NHL 2K11 as a result.

Not EA's fault, really. I'm sure they did as best they could within the rights they have. But playing in some sort of quasi-CBP doesn't really get me all that excited. Fortunately, it looks like the rest of the game makes up for it.

The demo of NHL 13 went live today and Claude Giroux's face will officially hit store shelves across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand beginning Sept. 11.