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Nick Cousins enters counseling program, not on ice for start of Soo Greyhounds camp Wednesday

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As you know, Flyers prospect Nick Cousins was arrested and charged with sexual assault over the weekend. He and two other Soo Greyhounds teammates -- Coyotes prospect Andrew Fritsch and Sicklerville, N.J. resident Mark Petaccio -- have been released from police custody while awaiting court dates. Cousins will appear on October 1.

In the meantime, the Greyhounds begin training camp today, and Cousins will not be in attendance. The team announced this morning that the three players have voluntarily entered a counseling program to help them deal with "the issues and resultant stress" that will come with the legal process.

More from Greyhounds general manager Kyle Dubas:

Therefore, given that training camp is set to begin this morning we are announcing that Nicholas Cousins, Andrew Fritsch, and Mark Petaccio will not be present. They have not been suspended by our club, but the counselling, at this time, takes priority. The three young men must deal with the ensuing court process, and each young man is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The team went on to note that their intention is to welcome the players back to the team at the conclusion of the counseling program, although they did not state how long the program is expected to last.

The Greyhounds kick off their regular season OHL schedule against the Plymouth Whalers on Sept. 21. Cousins was their best player last season, scoring a whopping 35 goals and 53 assists in 65 games.