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Sergei Gonchar? Sens blog proposes trade with Flyers

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The Flyers have a problem on defense, and some of our friends up in Ottawa are ready to dish off one of their problems in an attempt to fix it. If you're Paul Holmgren, would you look into a trade for aging defenseman Sergei Gonchar?

Sens blog Silver Seven made the case this morning:

- Gonchar is still capable of playing top-4 minutes

- Gonchar is also capable of playing power play minutes (a role he's surrendered to Karlsson in Ottawa).

- He would be able to fill a very similar role to [Andrej] Meszaros.

- He's in the last year of his contract, and wouldn't anchor the Flyers with any kind of contract mess beyond this season, allowing them to make major adjustments after next year.

Decent points all around. Gonchar does make $5.5 million against the salary cap next season, but he's a UFA come July 1. He's a clear No. 3 defenseman on the Senators and that's probably the exact same role he'd play with the Flyers should he come here. Of course, he's also 38-years-old, has a no-trade clause and would have to approve a deal in order to move to Philadelphia.

Provided Gonchar would waive the NTC to come to Philly -- I always come back to the "Why would you want to play somewhere when you know they're trying to trade you?" question, -- the Flyers wouldn't have to worry about the ability of not being able to trade Gonchar down the road. CapGeek says that from Jan. 1, 2013 until the 2013 trade deadline, his team can deal him to a list of 10 teams he selects.

So, under a scenario in which Meszaros comes back into the fold late in the season, the Flyers could theoretically deal Gonchar at the deadline and not be saddled should they suddenly find themselves with too many defensemen.

But, the price? Silver Seven says that ideally, they'd like 2012 first round pick Scott Laughton for Gonchar, a request at which I'm pretty sure Paul Holmgren would laugh his ass off. The Flyers are in a rough position but it's not quite that rough. Silver Seven admits this, though, and noted that a second-round pick could potentially get the deal done fairly, considering Gonchar's age and free agency status and the Flyers' dire position on defense at present.

Solidifying the Flyers with a strong, veteran second-pairing defenseman in exchange for a No. 45-plus draft pick? It's a tempting option should the Flyers strike out on the UFA market first. Would you consider it?