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Flyers sign Marc-Andre Bourdon to extension, Scott Laughton to entry-level deal

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The Philadelphia Flyers announced Wednesday that they've (finally) signed RFA defenseman Marc-Andre Bourdon to a multi-year contract extension. Paul Holmgren said last week that the deal was close, and well ... there ya go.

Bourdon is the team's last remaining RFA. CSN's Tim Panaccio reports it's a two-year deal worth $612,500 per season.

The Flyers also signed 2012 first-round pick Scott Laughton to an entry-level contract. Financial terms were also not disclosed, but the maximum entry-level salary is $925,000. That number can increases with bonuses, however.

The two signings bring the Flyers to 51 total contracts. The limit is 50, but the contracts of Laughton, Nick Cousins and Derek Mathers can "slide" and begin in the 2013-14 season. If all three do slide, and it's expected that they likely will, the Flyers will be at 48 total contracts.