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Penn State hockey unveils new jerseys

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via Penn State Athletics
via Penn State Athletics

Penn State University kicks off their first season of Division 1 ice hockey a month from tomorrow. Today in State College, the school unveiled a classic look for both their home and road jerseys, as you can see above courtesy of PSU athletics. They have some more photos at their official site as well.

The home jersey is white with blue lettering, numbering and striping while also featuring the players' last name on the back. Road jerseys are the opposite -- a navy blue jersey with white lettering and numbering. The road jerseys do not feature player names.

The Nittany Lion crest sits on the front of both jerseys. Mens and women's jerseys are identical.

For more on PSU hockey, check in with SB Nation's Nittany Lions blog Black Shoe Diaries and PSU hockey blog Thank You Terry. Check the full Penn State hockey schedule right here. The team comes to Philadelphia on January 19.