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SB Nation's Atlantic Division Roundtable: Watch the replay

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The roundtable wrapped up around 9:15 p.m. Watch the replay above.

A little bit of an experiment tonight: At 8 pm ET, come back to Broad Street Hockey for a live video roundtable. Joining me will be Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey, John Fischer from In Lou We Trust, Hooks Orpik from Pensburgh and, if he's not under the weather, Joe Fortunato from Blueshirt Banter.

We'll have the video feed embedded right here at BSH, so be sure to tune in. We'll be taking live questions and comments in both the comments, on Twitter, on YouTube and on Facebook, so be sure to come up with your best Penguins jokes.

If you're unable to tune in at 8 pm, we'll have an archived feed available immediately after the show. Hope you can join us. We might even get to talk about hockey!