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Report: Flyers Asked About P.K. Subban After Not Landing Shea Weber

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A French RDS report says that the Philadelphia Flyers contacted the Montreal Canadiens about possibly acquiring their still-unsigned RFA defenseman P.K. Subban. However, this "occurred some time after" the Flyers failed to acquire Shea Weber.

We had Professor Google translate it for us, which revealed a lot of nothing. Basically, the Flyers called up the Canadiens because they are still looking for a top-pair defenseman. The pertinent part:

Presumably, the Flyers took the lead in trying to inquire about the status of the Canadiens Subban. Is it available in the event that the offer is interesting enough to shake Staff Montreal? Who knows how things happened between the two teams? Certainly they have chatted.

Thank you, Professor.

There are other excellent parts of the translation, like the implication that the Flyers inquired about Subban because Ed Snider is old and does not have many years left to win a Stanley Cup and the adjectives used to describe their offer sheet to Shea Weber. There's also a mention of Sean Couturier, because why not?

Perhaps the best part in the entire piece, however, is: "Who knows what is really going on in this strange issue that leaves many confused?"

But really, this story can be summed up as: NHL GM interested in another team's excellent young player, does his job and makes phone call.

Nothing to see here. Moving on.