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NHLPA memo prepares players for lockout

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(SB Nation) -- The NHL Players Association has sent its players a memo to better inform them about the coming lockout. It's just another sign that another work stoppage will likely arrive late next week.

With the league likely going into its third lockout in less than 20 years when the current collective bargaining agreement comes to an end on Sept. 15, the informational guide titled "How Does A Lockout Affect Me?" gives players answers to just that, according to USA Today. The memo details how injured players like Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger will still get paid by their NHL clubs despite the lockout.

"If you are unfit to play because of a hockey-related injury when a lockout begins, you are entitled to receive your salary until you are fit to play," the memo said. "If you are currently injured, you should make sure that your condition is fully documented and that your club is aware of it. If you do not receive your salary payment when it becomes due, you should contact your agent and/or the NHLPA legal department immediately."

The document provides details about how players can go about signing with teams in other hockey leagues, though it warns that doing so could cause problems if the lockout is lifted or if players get injured overseas. Other topics include information about the potential of teams trading players during the lockout, and how players can continue to receive signing bonuses or buyout payments during the lockout.

The NHLPA is also expected to hold a general meeting in New York next week before the expiration of the CBA. Many, if not most, players will attend.