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Bobby Ryan regrets voicing Flyers trade wish

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Back in June during an interview with the Courier-Post, Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan loudly voiced his displeasure with his current team. He wanted to be traded, and if that demand were filled, he'd like to become a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Ryan grew up in Cherry Hill and his family has ties to the Flyers' organization, so it only makes sense. Who doesn't want to come home? (Looking at you, Mike Trout.)

Speaking this week in Anaheim, though, Ryan walked back the comments, telling the Orange County Register that he regrets publicly stating his trade desire.

Ryan said he now regrets doing the interview with a reporter that his father knew while he was participating in an all-day charity golf tournament, calling it "a mistake and a slip up on my part."


"But about 10 minutes after the interview, I was like, 'Gosh, I shouldn't have done that, seeing that I'm teeing off on the 37th hole of the day after 11 o'clock.' It was kind of stupid.

He went on to say that he's yet to speak with Ducks general manager Bob Murray about the trade demand (despite Murray telling the media at the time that he'd be talking with Ryan about it all). Ryan's been in Anaheim all week preparing for the coming NHL season that's probably not happening any time soon, and his time around the coaching and training staffs has apparently been perfectly normal. There's been no further update on Ryan's status with the team.

So how close was the reality of a Bobby Ryan trade to Philadelphia? Well, we know that the idea was at least thrown around, and according to various reports, Paul Holmgren offered up James van Riemsdyk as the major piece that would go to the Ducks in the deal. Anaheim general manager Bob Murray wanted one of Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn, a non-starter for Homer and the Flyers (as it should be).

But is there a chance it still happens? It seems like things are much better than they were a few months ago in Anaheim between the two sides, but that Murray and Ryan have yet to talk is a bit interesting. Ultimately, it still seems like Ryan could be the odd man out at some point or another in Anaheim -- Ryan's initial frustration was all based on the sheer number of trade rumors, after all -- and Philadelphia still makes plenty of sense as a destination.

No matter what happens, though, Murray is going to have to bring down his asking price for Bobby Ryan to become a Flyer. Now that the relationship seems to be on better footing and there's no threat of a disgruntled player poisoning his locker room, there's really no reason for him to do that.

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