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Coming soon: A new look Broad Street Hockey

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What you see above is just a glimpse of the future of Broad Street Hockey.

In the very near future, the SB Nation network will undergo the most exciting and radical transformation in the eight-year history of the company. We're calling the project SB Nation United, and a new visual identity is only one step we're taking to unite our 30-plus hockey blogs and the 300-plus sites across our network.

United through individuality is the underlying theme of this project. You'll notice that orange and black and the unique spirit of the BSH community is maintained in our new logo above, but it's also clear that our site is a part of the larger SB Nation network. We want everyone to know that they can find the same type of great writing, video and conversation that we offer here on all of our 300-plus sites.

You can browse through all the new logos at I think ours is at least the best of all the Philly blogs, but I'm clearly a little biased.

Our commitment to cover the Flyers, the NHL and sports in general will never change. This project will allow us to realize the untapped potential that lives in each of our 300-plus communities, and I'm more excited than ever to be part of this network. I can't wait to show you what's next.