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Friday Morning Fly By: Packing for a late camping trip

Getting ready for Flyers camp, talking about mending lockout wounds, a couple DGB posts and a hilarious except from Sean Pronger's book.

Bruce Bennett

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

* Where he would normally be bruised and worn down, Kimmo Timonen is rested: [CSNPhilly]

* Matt Read hopes to avoid a sophomore slump: [Philadelphia Flyers] [Inquirer]

* Crazy idea time - Jonathan Willis says that if the Flyers are thinking about buying out Ilya Bryzgalov, they should trade him for Rick DiPietro and buy out the former #1 overall instead: []

* The Flyers are excited to start the season against the Penguins: [CSNPhilly]

* Season predictions: [Flyers Faithful]

* Finally! Get to know Danny Syvret. Do it now: [Phantoms Forum] [The Saratogian]

* Glens Falls still wants a team, and the best way to do that is to support the out-going Phantoms: [Flyers Faithful]

* Talking with Matt Mangene and examining just how different the Phantoms are now: [The Saratogian]

* Kevin Dineen still loves Glens Falls: [PostStar]

* Talking to some fans who don't plan on watching the shortened season: [CSNPhilly]

* The other side of that coin: arguing that fans won't stay away for long, nor should they: [the700level]

* Asking some sports media experts how the NHL can improve their television audiences in a rebound from the lockout: []

* Hilarious excerpt from Sean Pronger's book about the time he went to practice hungover and found himself placed on Wayne Gretzky's line: [Deadspin]

* Ilya Kovalchuk wishes he could stay in the KHL for the rest of the year: [Puck Daddy]

* With Anze Kopitar out, the Kings will try to juggle their top-6 with Richards and Carter: [Battle of California]

* Get your 2013 Columbus All-Star Game t-shirts for only $4.93! [Puck Daddy]

* Nail Yakupov, the Edmonton media, and more anti-Russian bias in Canada: []

* What went wrong for Brian Burke, other than almost everything? [Grantland]

* On Gary Bettman's apology: [Puck Daddy]

* Likes and dislikes in the new CBA: [Driving Play]

* Bettman, Fehr and the lockout's guilty conscience: [Down Goes Brown]

* Pretty sure this could be published as a novel, but studying luck and other factors in PDO: []