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Chris Pronger's career is likely over, his brother confirms

More confirmation that Chris Pronger's career is likely over, this time from his brother, Sean.

Andre Ringuette

Chris Pronger isn't coming back to the Philadelphia Flyers. This has been assumed for over a year now, but every once in a while word leaks out that confirms our fears a little further.

He's sold his South Jersey home. He'll be in town for Flyers training camp this weekend but won't touch the ice. And in an interview with Deadspin readers on Friday, his brother Sean said twice that it's not looking good for Chris' career.



We don't have any illusions of Pronger ever coming back to the Flyers as a player. We just hope he can have a normal life after hockey at this point. His injury is no joke and when Sean says he's getting better, that's great news.

Sean, the elder Pronger brother, has a new book out about his life as a journeyman NHLer. By all accounts it's a hilarious read, just as the entire Q&A was over at Deadspin. Sean Pronger also said he thinks that either Claude Giroux or Sidney Crosby is the best player in the world on any given day. Ahem.