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Sidney Crosby's getting a little too excited about playing the Flyers

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Easy there, Sid.

Bruce Bennett

Um, so, I like the Philadelphia Flyers and they get me excited and give me feelings of joy and stuff. Claude Giroux, particularly. But I can't say it ever really goes this far...

"I'm excited. Is this ... nine in a row or eight in a row we've played against ‘Philly?' That's a lot of hockey against the same team. Both teams knows each other really well. I think it's just exciting to get out there and compete. When it's Philadelphia, I don't think anyone finds it hard to get it up for that one. "

woah woah easy there simmer down now sid it's just hockeysport

The Flyers, meanwhile, are the proper level of excited.

"Their name came up," Peter Laviolette said when asked if the team talked about the Penguins at the first day of camp.

"I think we all know how they play, and their system, unless they changed," Claude Giroux said. "They have good players. Like I said, it's going to be real easy to get up for that game. Just thinking about it gets me excited."

"Get up" and "get it up" are different things. For the record. Let's hope things don't get weird next Saturday.