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John Paddock named Flyers assistant coach, stepping down from assistant GM position

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John Paddock is the newest Flyers assistant coach. He'll leave his role as an assistant GM with the team.

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John Paddock has been on the ice in recent days, helping the Flyers in training camp at Voorhees. That was a little odd -- after all, Paddock is an assistant general manager, not a coach.

Oh, okay. That explains it. He is a coach now. The Flyers moved Paddock from the AGM position to an assistant coaching position on Monday, according to Anthony SanFilippo. He won't be behind the bench during games, however, and other three assistant coaches will stay in their positions.

Kevin McCarthy and Craig Berube remain the on-bench assistants, while Paddock will join Joe Mullen, goalie coach Jeff Reese and player development coach Derien Hatcher in the press box perch during games. Why the move, you ask? Well, this makes sense:

Paddock came to the Flyers organization in 2008 when he was hired to coach the Philadelphia Phantoms. When the team moved to upstate New York following the 2008-09 season, Paddock was moved into the Assistant GM role, a job that put him in charge of overseeing the Flyers' minor-league system. Paddock stepped back behind the Phantoms bench on an interim basis after the firing of then-coach Greg Gilbert in November 2011, and then returned to the AGM position when the Flyers hired Joe Paterson to take the coaching gig.

But Paddock's likely always wanted to get back into coaching. He was an NHL head coach with the Senators before he took the Phantoms gig back in 2008 and this job gets him back working with players on a daily basis. CSN reports that he'll mostly be working with the defense, and that makes sense. He's always been a pretty defensive-minded guy.

Holmgren says that there are no plans to hire an assistant GM to replace Paddock, but we'll see how long that lasts. The biggest question following this shakeup: Who oversees the minor leagues now?