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Andrej Meszaros injury: Defenseman could be ready for season opener

Andrej Meszaros could be ready for the opener on Saturday.

Bruce Bennett

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Andrej Meszaros could be available to play in the regular season opener against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday.

Having suffered a torn Achilles' tendon during a training exercise in July, it was likely that Meszaros would miss a considerable amount of the 2012-13 regular season while recovering. With all of 2012 evaporated after the 113-day lockout, the chances of the 27-year-old defenseman playing a role in the opening portion of the schedule have considerably improved.

Stating that he would like to test out the area during a scrimmage later in the week, Meszaros wants to play in the season opener if he can, via the Philadelphia Daily News:

"I'd say it feels pretty good. Since we don't have any preseason games, I would really like to try and get a scrimmage later in the week to see how I feel.

"We've had a couple good practices, really getting into moving the puck and battle drills. I'd love to play. If I can play, I'm certainly going to do that. If not, might make sense to wait a little longer."

Meszaros originally underwent surgery on the Achilles' on Aug. 7 in Philadelphia and was cleared for practice activities last week. Considering the questions revolving around Philadelphia's defense corps, a return from Meszaros would certainly improve the group.