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Help wanted: BSH looking for new writers

Do you want to write about the Flyers? Well, good news...

"Can ya get me a new gig, Paul?" "No, but there's this blog I know..."
"Can ya get me a new gig, Paul?" "No, but there's this blog I know..."
Bruce Bennett

As Broad Street Hockey embarks on our fifth season (!) covering the Philadelphia Flyers, we're growing faster than ever, and it's getting a little tough to cover this team with the staff we currently have. So, we want your help.

Are you a smart Flyers fan, interested in having your voice heard by hundreds of thousands of fellow fans around the globe each month? We're looking for you.

Some criteria:

* You must be a Flyers fan. (We'll take your word for it, though. It's not like there will be a quiz.)

* You must have a strong knowledge of the game of hockey.

* You must have opinions that can be supported by reason and fact.

* You must have strong writing skills! (sort of a no-brainer here)

* You must be willing to interact and engage with a community of readers. Writing at BSH is not a one-way street where you shout from a pedestal to a group of followers. It's a conversation.

How to apply:

And that's about it! We're not picky. If you love the Flyers and have strong opinions about them, we might just want you on our team. If you're interested in becoming part of our staff, head on over to the FanPosts section. Write something. Tag it with "BSH Audition:" in the lead of your headline and roll from there.

Bonus points for:

* People who are already members of the BSH community.

* Anybody who has a particular role to fill. Maybe prospect coverage or minor league coverage is your thing. Maybe statistical analysis is your thing. If you have a distinct department of expertise, show it off in your FanPost(s).

* Journalism experience.

* If you're hilarious, that's a good thing.

You can write more than one post. The more the merrier. We look forward to reading them!

We're also looking for a new author for our Morning Fly By.

The Fly By is the go-to spot for Flyers news each and every morning, and it's typically one of our highest-trafficked posts each day. It runs Monday through Friday at 6 a.m. and is typically compiled the night prior.

If you're interested in authoring the Fly By, email me: travis at You must have a strong handle on the media landscape surrounding the Flyers and you must be reliable.