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The 2013 Flyers season is here, so it's time for new t-shirts!

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With help from our partners at Philly Phaithful, we're proud to offer the Puckhead 3-Pack.

The 2013 Philadelphia Flyers season is almost here, and just as we clothed you during the lockout with this awesome Claude Giroux Eisbären Philadelphia tshirt, we're prepared to do the same now that the orange and black are back.

With help from our new partners, Philly Phaithful, we're proud to offer the Puckhead 3-Pack to kick off the 2013 season. The pack features any of Philly Phaithful's collection of hockey shirts, including any of the three new shirts below:


Overall, though, they have 17 different hockey shirts you can choose from, and you can pick any of them for your three-pack. The Puckhead 3-Pack is $60 and includes free shipping. If you were to buy three shirts separately, you'd pay $75.99 plus shipping, so the savings here are pretty big. Best of all, perhaps, you can support the Flyers, look good, and not give any money to the NHL after they put us through 113 days of lockout hell.

Enter discount code broadstreethockey at checkout and you'll get 10% off the $60 price and a free orange beer koozie. The puck drops in days, so get shopping.