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Flyers vs. Penguins: Literally all the postgame quotes

Everything said by everybody after the Flyers' 3-1 loss to the Penguins on Saturday.

Jeff Zelevansky

The Flyers lost today. People played and coached the game, and then they said things about it. Then, after they said things about it, interns took their words and typed them out with a computer keyboard. Here are those words in typed-out computer form. Magic!

Flyers LW Scott Hartnell

Q: Your reaction?

"A disappointing start for sure. I don't know if you want to chalk it up to not playing for eight months or whatever, but we didn't' have any legs that first period. Special teams I think was the biggest difference. We had a lot of chances and we executed except for putting the puck in the net. A little frustrating to start like that at home. We wanted to have a good start obviously, and we didn't do that.

Q: Tough to get the power play going with no preseason?

"Like I said, I thought we moved the puck around well, executing all our plays. We had a chance there on a rebound, I think it went through his legs, and I didn't see the replay so I don't know if it hit a stick or a post or what. And G makes a great pass to Simmer back door and gets good wood on it, and misses the net. It's a game of inches I guess, and we lost that battle tonight."

Q: Was it sort of a feeling out process between the first and second period?

"We knew they were going to come fast and furious right off the bat. They've got a lot of great players. It was their second goal, I think we just fell asleep off the draw. Malkin wins it to Neal and he shoots it, and it was a little bit of a knuckle puck. It's not like we didn't scout that before. We had video of it, they showed it, and I think we were just messed up on our coverage."

Q: On Scott Laughton

I thought he played well. He was moving his feet, he was finishing his checks, he's very sound defensively. He thought he was a little nervous when he woke up this morning. But the first one's behind ya, and you get to move on and go for the second, make it a better game.

Q: On the officials

I thought they did a good job. They were letting the hits go, they were letting us battle after the whistle a little bit. The penalties that were called, I think were penalties. I didn't really see G's there at the end. We had a big opportunity there with a minute to go, and I don't know if he just fell down or what. But you can't fault them, that's for sure.

Q: What did you really like today?

After that first period, the last 40 minutes we were playing Flyers hockey. We were hitting, we were skating, we were supporting each other. I don't think we took a penalty in the second or third, not that I can remember. Except for the last one. But I think if we focus on the last 40 minutes and the way that we played together, we'll build on that and have a good effort tomorrow."

Penguins C Sidney Crosby

Q: What do you think is the hardest part?

"I think just the speed. Everyone is probably not as sharp as they would be. I think the main thing is that control it, and let that speed come to you."

Q: Tomorrow you face the Rangers, are you worried?

"Not at all. I feel really good, and got to test ourselves pretty well today, so I'm pretty confident.

Q: What do you say about the rest of the season?

"I think it's anyone's year. It's wide open and it's a short season. So, every game is critical at this point."

Q: Killing Flyer power players last year in the postseason, so that was obviously going to be a big issue. So, that had to be a great way to start.

"Yeah definitely. Our PK has always been good. We had some good bounces, [Fleury] had some good saves, we made some good shots and blocks. We worked hard out there and did what we had to do to kill those off."

Q: Sid you seemed to have some life from the get go, was there some rust to shake off?

"Maybe a bit. I think every team is going to deal with that. I think individually we're all going to have to deal with that. But, I think if your effort and your compete levels are there, hopefully the game comes a little bit easier. I thought we did a great job of that and our effort was there."

Q: What was the atmosphere like in the building? Did it feel like there was a buzz because it was the first game of the season?

A: Yeah definitely. I think there is always a little bit extra in the air here playing here in Philadelphia and we know it's a tough building to come in to. Obviously, with the history I think everyone gets up for them, so we knew exactly what was to be expected and, like I said nice to get that first win.

Q: What are the chants like in this building?

A: It's pretty rare. You're pretty focused on the game and you don't usually hear that too much. Hear it a little bit more when you lose, that's for sure. It's always a little bit easier when you win. I think we came in here knowing it was going to be a tough atmosphere. We started off great and kind of took care of that more.

Q: You have the Rangers tomorrow -- Henrik Lundqvist, Rick Nash - what's going to be the big problem tomorrow?

A: Well they're solid all the way through. They have pretty good depth. And I think they've proven that they're a pretty good hockey team. They have a lot of dangerous payers and I think, for us, we're going to have to keep it simple and play like we did tonight.

Q: Do you think the fact that you won tonight will give you the upper hand?

A: Yeah. I mean winning is a good thing. So, we're glad, and we'll make some adjustments. But, for the most part I thought that we did a good job.

Q: Did you expect this kind of reception tonight? The building was packed, and with the lockout the fans were excited to be back. Was it what you anticipated?

A: I anticipated it to be loud here. I think that they have a lot of loyal fans and people who love their team here. I wasn't really thinking about that a whole lot, but I think it's great to see that we're still getting the turnout that we're getting.

Q: In your first game back, in terms of the level of play, is it what you were expecting at the end of the night?

A: Yeah. I think as far as executing. I still think we can get better, but I still think that we did a pretty good job of making sure that we weren't worried about the details and not trying to do too much. I thought we handled it pretty well.

Q: People were saying before the game that they were expecting playoff-level, or midseason level of play. Is that fair to say or is that just life now?

A: Yeah. I think that the team that can adjust the fastest will be the one to benefit. But there's no doubt every guy is going to take a few games to feel good. Even guys that have already played, I'm sure they're probably better off, but the team that can kind of come together the quickest is going to see the best results I think.

Flyers defenseman Andrej Meszaros

Q: You feeling alright after the game?

A: Yeah actually, felt better than I thought I would feel so that's a good sign. Unfortunately it's really hard to follow a loss so uh that's the way it is.

Q: You logged a lot of ice time out there during the first two periods, were you expecting maybe they'd cut it a bit?

A: No no, I felt good, I tried to do short shifts, obviously I haven't played since May and plus the injuries and everything so you know I've just tried to keep it simple, you know work on my game you know and it's a game I know and I felt comfortable and you know I was playing a lot but unfortunately game day didn't go out right but uh I felt pretty good.

Q: Pace of the game did that surprise you?

A: No it was great. It was up and down, Pittsburgh they came up with a two to nothing lead right away basically and you know from the second period I thought we were a better team but we have to make sure that we got a good first ten minutes in and go from there but like I said from the second period I felt we were a better team. We had a lot of power play chances but we have to execute more and score some goals because the season is short and power plays are going to be important.

Q: How would you evaluate the power play, what was not good about it?

A: We tried to shoot, maybe cute passes, way too more way too much but we have to shoot the puck more but our first [unsure 1:29] was great I was thinking we had a couple chances but we have to be better obviously on our second and later PPs thought. We got to work on it.

Q: Did you notice that maybe they played you guys a little more tight, he allowed thirty goals during the playoffs in that six game series and I'm sure coming in they were making conscious efforts to play tighter?

A: We tried to make them play tighter too obviously you know those two teams are offensive and they can score goals but I'm sure both teams talk about good defense and it's the first game and nobody wanted to do any mistakes.

Penguins C James Neal

Q: With not knowing what you were expecting, in terms of level of play, but was it about what you thought it might be?

"Yeah, I mean we knew it was going to be a little scrambly, be a little sloppy, everyone's still trying to get timing down. It's been a long time since we've been in a game situation. But no better way to start the season off than with a big win in Philly."

Q: Particularly because it's a division rivalry, no better way to start a season to get mentally ready I guess.

"Especially with the way we finished off the season last year here in Philly. It was a tough loss. We knew it wasn't going to be easy coming here and like I said it was a good way to start off."

Q: Where are you at with this game as far as level of play, where you finished off, not on the same level of play as a team, as a player?

"We knew we weren't going to come in here and like it's game six of the playoffs, timing's going to be there and we're going to be working the puck around, making great passes. We knew we we'd be scrambling. We knew we were still trying to get our game legs under us. It's been a while since we've played like I said, our timing will come, our legs will come. It's a process here but it's a good way to start off."

Q: Any different feelings tonight, this start of the game, considering how long it's been, getting back out there?

"Yeah, it's been a long time since we've played so that's a good feeling, to go amped up, it's fun to play here. We were ready to go and guys did a great job staying in shape during the lockout and it paid off tonight."

Q: Did you feel like you haven't skipped a beat with you and Geno, making up for that goal you guys have done so many times it seems before?

"G's great on the draw there. Getting it back to me, I just tried to get it off as quick as possible and catch the goalie as fast as I can. He did a great job of sticking it back to me and I got a quick shot out."

Q: James, I'd imagine this feels pretty good to start the season off with a win here.

"Yeah it does. Coming into Philly's always a tough game and we knew that. So no better way to start off with the way things ended here last year with the playoffs so it's a big win."

Flyers C Scott Laughton

Q: So, how did that live up to what you were expecting?

A: It was nice, really good atmosphere and felt pretty good for my first game. It was good to get the first one over with.

Q: What was it like when you skated out to the crowd and heard all 20,000 fans cheer when they heard your name?

A: It was pretty nerve-racking; I've never played in front of such a big crowd. It was nice for those fans to come out and just felt pretty good out there and just tried to play my game as best as I could.

Q: Did Scott Hartnell say anything to you last night or this morning when you got up?

A: He just said play my game. That's what got me here and just do everything little thing right and the rest should take care of itself.

Q: For an opener, to be a game of this magnitude; in terms of the rivalry. Did you feel like you missed a beat at all?

A: Yea, I felt pretty good. I watched the playoffs last year and kind of understood what it was all about. So I tried to play the body early and tried to get myself in the game that way

Q: How long did you have the nerves?

A: Probably the first shift, I tried to get them out of the way. I tried to take a hit or lay a hit.

Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette

Q: Scott Laughton is on a five-game tryout. What did you see from him today?

A: I thought he played a strong game. He was responsible defensively and had about four or five good hits. He was strong on puck battles and had a couple opportunities at the net. I thought he did a nice job. It's a tough situation to come into for a young kid, first game in Philadelphia but I thought he handled it very well.

Q: There were three penalties in the final six minutes or so. Do you think the officials called a tight game?

A: I thought the officials did a good job. They were consistent and the word got down to us that they were going to call the game through the final second and they held true to that tonight

Q: What do you think of the offsides call on Claude Giroux?

A: I haven't looked at it in detail. I just had a quick glance at the Jumbotron. It was a very, very tight call and it was tight.

Q: How about Andrej Meszaros' first game?

A: I thought he played well. Again, after the first thirteen, fourteen minutes we didn't allow a whole lot. We had eleven shots , at some points through the first they were taking it to our net quite a bit and after that they had fifteen or sixteen for the rest of the game. I thought we got settled defensively as well.

Q: It was a very small sample but how did you feel Claude Giroux did with the "C"?

A: I thought G was outstanding.

Q: Do you feel like the team is ready to jump right back into it tomorrow?

A: You never want to sit on a loss too long so we made sure of that with the 12:30 p.m. start. So, we'll be back out, ready to play. We rolled lines pretty good tonight. Nobody really got taxed. I think Simmer was maybe our highest-minute forward and that is because he got caught out there a couple times on the power-play. Other than that, I think we will be fine.

Q: How did Ilya Bryzgalov look?

A: He looked like he has all week. He was very focused and strong.

Q: Did it give you a little scare there when Nicklas Grossmann went down there?

A: No, You never want to see players go down. I'm glad he's OK.

Q: If they can just get past that first period it was good effort overall.

"The last seven or eight minutes of the third period. It was tough. You go down 2-0, shots aren't in your favor and first goal was a real tough one, a redirect kind of fluke but we need to have better execution on that faceoff goal."

Q: You had to expect some element of rust but how do you read that? Were you happy with that today. Did you see it?

"I would agree with it, but after the first 13-14 minutes we seemed to play more of the style that were looking for. We controlled the play at time and had lots of shots and opportunities to put the puck in the net. We weren't able to capitalize on that. We seemed to be little bit rushed out there and our passing was a touch off. We had a lot passes that seemed to go in our skates on breakouts and neutral zone movement. So I think that will come with time but there's definitely room for improvement as far as that goes. As we get to offensively and on the attack, we seemed to get better after the first 13 minutes and we were able to generate some chances. Our offense has some room for improvement."

Q: What do you think of your power play? You guys were up five and you looked you got more pressure.

"I think they'll go once we get going this season. The unit that we had, the first unit there was together last year and they moved the puck well last year and they moved it well in training camp this season and they moved it well tonight and had opportunities. But the second unit is new and it will take some time."

Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov

Q: Bryz how did you feel today, because you looked pretty sharp?

A: I felt great.

Q: It wasn't the kind of game like last season; it was a little bit tighter?

A: It's just the beginning but maybe it's both teams taking good lessons from last season.

Q: The one goal, the first goal, did it deflect off of Luke Schenn?

A: I'm not sure, it was maybe Kennedy or Luke but it was definitely a deflection, yeah.

Q: Did you think it was pretty good hockey for no preseason games and short training camp?

A: Yeah, considering some players doesn't play since like May, April. It's pretty good. Good intensity, good emotions.

Q: The second goal happened pretty quick, right off the faceoff, what happened?

A: You know what, just find the puck. To find the puck from underneath the legs and just tried to find it close to me and try to squeeze my left of the body but it was a little late.

Q: Bryz, was it good having Andrej Meszaros back there?

A: It's nice to have him, yeah it's nice to see his recovery and he felt pretty good and played well but you'll have to ask him if he's one hundred percent.

Q: In a short season like this, does every shift, every shot magnify by game?

A: Yeah of course. I think like if you're not starting to take the points by game first then you can't sit back hold and wait some because then games played then more than half a season is gone if you don't take the points then you might find yourself at the bottom of the standings and maybe never get out of there.

Q: Bryz, did it almost feel like a playoff atmosphere there in the beginning after coming back from the lockout or the way it was played did it feel like a regular season game?

A: You know, thank you for a good question. I'll try to answer it right. It's always a great atmosphere here, you know. Everybody knows how passionate Flyers fans are. Doesn't matter, whether it's regular season game or playoffs they support and cheer for the team.

Flyers C Claude Giroux

Q: First game back, is the play the way you thought it would be?

"To be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect. I've been playing a long time and I'm not going to lie the first period was kind of ugly. Guys were just trying to put their legs back in the game and the system was a little sloppy but I think second a third were played better. It's too bad we couldn't get those two points but our guys battled hard second and third. They are obviously a good team on the other side so we have to keep our heads up and find a way to put that behind us and be ready for Buffalo tomorrow."

Q: Did you think that power play was a bigger difference in the game?

"Power play wasn't bad, we were moving the puck well but, at the end of the day you have to find a way to put it in and we had a lot of chances. Obviously we are going to work on is. Last two periods we were good so we have to make sure we keep playing good."

Q: How do you feel going into tomorrow with only one game so far?

"We put the first period behind us and we had to regroup after. It's a weird season with no training camp or nothing so we will have to look at a lot of videos obviously and we are going to have to tighten up defensively. Bryz made some key saves for us tonight to stay in the game."

Q: How much does your emotion play into a game like this when you don't have much of a conditioning factor?

"You have to play hard but at the same time you need to find a way to be focused. Right now I think everyone is kind of hesitating in the system because we are all just coming back. We have to find a way to have no hesitation and know what we have to do. Like I said the second and third for us was a lot better."

Q: Did you feel they made a conscience effort playing tighter given the 30 goals they gave up last year in the playoffs?

"That may be a question more for them but I think we had our chances, Fluery was pretty solid and we had pucks to the net and we had chances but at the end there we got to find a way to get it behind the net."

Q: How nice is it to now put everything else aside with the lockout and finally just talk hockey?

"Its good to talk about something else besides the lockout and actually talk about the game. Its obviously a pretty good feeling out there and having the fans. They are unbelievable. They always find a way to surprise us and help us work hard to get that win. We have to learn from it.

Q: Feel any different out there with the "C" on your sweater?

"Not really. I just try to go out there and do my job."

Penguins D Brooks Orpik

Q: Brooks, how would you access the Orpik Martin pairing?

A: I guess you would have to ask the coaches. I know I felt comfortable. We've only had a week together, and we haven't played much together in the past. But, for only having a week of practice I thought that our communication level was really good. I think for me, I can't speak for [Martin], but I felt really comfortable.

Q: I thought [Paul Martin] had a really solid game, he looked a lot better than in times last year.

A: Pauly is a guy who comes in and he's not a guy that's real flashy. He's a guy that you really have to watch a lot to appreciate what he does, and I think just like a lot of us coming off of the playoff series, maybe some guys more than other guys, have a clean slate after only having a week of training camp

Q: Speaking of which, did Fleury bail you guys out on a lot of occasions there?

A: I thought he played great all game. Obviously, the way things went last year, we wanted him to bounce back well. It was definitely a challenge bouncing right back into this building and playing this team. But, he was great all day. When he plays like that he gives all of us the confidence in front of him.

Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma

Q: About Fleury

"The game in general at times was a little haphazard. There was some scrambly pucks at both ends and I thought early on he didn't make a lot of saves in the first but he did have a couple penalty kills where the puck was in and around it was real strong. The same thing happened again in the 3rd where there was lots of traffic, lots of action at the cage. He had to stand up big in the net, had to hold his own finding that puck and I thought he was real big in there real strong.

At times I don't know how it did stay out of there but big finish for Fleury and it's fitting that he gets his win in here the one that puts him in most wins in franchise history at 227."

Q: Is it fitting that that was sort of the way the game shaped up to be he needed to make a couple of acrobatic saves but also ....stood tall when he needed to be?

"I think the first play around the net was not a fore-check play and the puck squibbed up and into Letang and Giroux and that was not the most easiest of feelings when that puck went through there but there was several situations where he did have to stand strong. You mention playing the puck in the 3rd period imparticular he was real strong because they were dumping a lot of pucks in on power plays as well we were penalty killing. Made some great plays to help alleviate that and again stood real strong. I think that type of game against a good team he's going to have to stand in there strong and he did.

Q: Why was the penalty kill better today?

"You know I think they certainly were tested you don't like killing off that many in the first period and then again late in the third period. We expected the same thing out of the Flyers in terms of the set that they're using and the things that they try to do and I think that we adjusted a little bit in what we did against them. We certainly gave them shots we gave them both from different areas where they were dangerous in the past and then we battle really hard around the cage in our defense and Fleury and we were real strong there."

Q: In your opinion did the game settle down...

Was going a little bit faster then their brains were and sometimes they got surprised by all the speed. Simon wasn't exempt from that. But I thought he hung in there real well he played under some pressure and made some good plays, made some good plays on some bouncing pucks in the neutral zone that were key especially in the third period. I don't think you should look at his game any differently then a lot of us. Speed caught us a little bit a few times and we did a better job in the third period of managing the puck and making sure we were in the middle of the offensive side of it."

Q: In reference to key to success

"It's certainly an aspect of what we're trying to do. Right from that faceoff dictate and we got the opportunity on the power play and faceoff play and we capitalized on that. I don't think the play was as pretty and power plays were as crisp as you might see them. In this case having a good faceoff play and the detail of executing that is something that we did in ...both the first goal and the second goal"

Q: But have you seen anything interesting ... more efficient...

"His success rating at the left faceoff circle in the offensive zone with James Neal behind him is pretty high. I think he's done a pretty good job of changing his faceoff from the low point of 30% two years ago and moved into the 45% last year and he's really proficient in certain areas. I think he's much much better then he was two years ago and he's showing it."

Q: Is it something you've seen him work on?

"He's done a lot more homework and a lot more studying. A lot more learning and paying attention to it in our practices."

Q: Paul Martin took a lot of criticism last year a lot of the times what about his game today?

"I thought Paul played extremely well. I thought him and Brooks together did a great job. They limited a lot of chances and a lot of opportunities on net. He went back and did a great job on our break outs and coming out of D zone he won battles. He was out there against the big guys the majority of tonight. I thought it was a strong game from our back end."

Q: I mean these games count, but if they don't pan out what do you do?

"I think you just have to, personally when you're going to a winter classic game and the ice isn't going to be great, it's raining on you, you have to adjust your mentality and focus and I think that has to do with the expectations you have for your execution. You have to expect it's not going to be perfect. You force things, you get frustrated, you allow other teams to take advantage of that and so you have to adjust your expectation level. I thought our first was a good job of that, second not so much, and they came at us. Then I thought in the third we did a much better job of doing that. Gave ourselves a chance to play good defense because of that management and I thought they did a good job of that."