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Flyers vs. Sabres, Game 2: Second period discussion thread

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Hey, look, another poor second period! It's 1-0 Buffalo through one period as Steve Ott has the Flyers down 1-0 and his stats sheet in good shape. It should be 1-1, but the Flyers were utterly screwed by an awful goalie interference call that disallowed a goal.

The good in the first:

* Ilya Bryzgalov still looks sharp.

* Flyers won 68 percent of faceoffs.

... cricket noise ...

The bad:

* The officiating.

* The power play. Especially the second unit. Just so, so bad.

* Zac Rinaldo got hurt. He won't return to the game and the Flyers are down a forward.

* Buffalo is walking all over the Flyers physically.

* Just asleep at the wheel again in the first period. Let's hope they snap out of it again in the second.