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Flyers vs. Sabres, Game 2: Third period discussion thread

Rick Stewart

Well, that's a little better. It's 2-2 after two and should probably be 3-2 Flyers, but much of the second period was controlled by the Flyers. Some notes on the second period:

The good:

* Bryzgalov.

* Claude Giroux, as always.

* Really, the first PP unit as a whole. Puck movement is good, getting shots, creating chances.

* Luke Schenn had a really solid period, including stopping a 3-on-1 chance all by himself.

The bad:

* Scott Hartnell's hit from behind. Not good, man.

* Patrick Kaleta's face.

* That communication breakdown on the Sabres' game-tying goal was just awful stuff. Max Talbot and Sean Couturier fully responsible for that one.

* The officiating still leaves a lot to be desired.