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Zac Rinaldo injury could bring Tye McGinn to town

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Tom Sestito will replace Zac Rinaldo, right? Well, not so fast. It could be Tye McGinn.

Kate Penna/Flickr. Used with permission.

Update: McGinn has indeed been called up. Rinaldo will be out at least a week.

Zac Rinaldo's leg injury doesn't seem to be serious, at least as far as 20-stitch cuts to the leg go. He'll likely miss Tuesday night's game against the New Jersey Devils, but he's not expected to be out all that long. There's no structural damage.

But who will replace him? Most of the local media (us included) yesterday assumed that it would be Tom Sestito inserted into the lineup, and looking at the Flyers' current roster, that makes sense. Danny Briere's not ready to come back yet and it's really either Sestito or Jody Shelley. Sestito wins that battle.

There's a dark horse, however. Remember that Tye McGinn guy who got a nice look in training camp last week? Yep, could be him. Via the Post-Star:

When the Phantoms left Atlantic City, N.J. after defeating Albany Sunday, they were less one player.

Tye McGinn stayed behind and hitched a ride to Philadelphia with Phantoms captain Ben Holmstrom, who has been rehabbing from his ACL reconstruction in nearby Voorhees, N.J. and went to Atlantic City to see his team.

McGinn is still on the Phantoms roster and he's yet to be recalled, but it's nice to know that he's in their plans. Frankly, the thought of inserting Sestito into the lineup makes me ill, and McGinn had a nice camp. He asserted himself as the top call-up option from the Phantoms (especially with Holmstrom out) and with the injury, it'd be nice to see McGinn get a crack at an NHL game or two.

Who knows? Maybe he takes Rinaldo's spot ... (pipe dream)