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P.K. Subban rumors: Is there ANY chance he comes to the Flyers? (Video)

We should probably just give up on the pipe dream.

P.K. Subban is still out of the Montreal Canadiens lineup, and with each passing second the restricted free agent remains without a new contract, the speculation and the hope around the league that he could be on the move gets stronger. But what are the chances he leaves town?

Not strong, it seems. I sat down this morning with Andrew Berkshire of Habs Eyes On The Prize for a brief conversation about the entire Subban situation. What are the basics? Is Subban a good enough player to warrant asking for a long-term deal from the Canadiens? And ultimately, do people in Montreal think he's leaving town?

It would take either Subban signing an offer sheet or a trade for this to happen. Paul Holmgren would be silly not to send Subban an offer sheet -- best case, you get the guy on your terms; worst case, you bump up the price for Montreal -- but that's all dependent on Subban actually signing the thing.

We'll never know otherwise. Hell, it could have already happened.

But the trade possibility? It doesn't seem like there are many teams out there that could satisfy Montreal's demands, and the Flyers certainly are not one that could. We chatted with Berkshire about that, so watch the video above and blame Canada for the at-times shifty video quality.

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