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Brayden Schenn to face disciplinary hearing for Anton Volchenkov hit

Brayden Schenn faces the NHL's first disciplinary hearing of 2013. He shouldn't be suspended, but you never know.

Bruce Bennett

Brayden Schenn will face the NHL's Wheel of Justice on Wednesday as Brendan Shanahan sharpens his ban hammer for the first time in the new season. It's all over this hit on New Jersey's resident elbow thrower, Anton Volchenkov.

Schenn definitely left his feet on the hit and it probably should have been a two-minute minor for charging, but the officials failed to call the penalty during the game. But a suspendable hit? No, not even close. The Flyers really can't afford to lose Brayden Schenn right now to a suspension right now, and they should not. It would be a bad decision by Brendan Shanahan.


Volchenkov and the Flyers certainly have a history. When he played for the Ottawa Senators, Volchenkov crushed Simon Gagne from behind. Gagne took matters into his own hands and jumped him. There was a size difference there.

Then, last year during the regular season, Volchenkov concussed Danny Briere with this blindside hit. (Try to ignore the Don Cherry for your own sanity. It's too early in the hockey season for that.)

And in Game 5 of the playoffs last year, Volchenkov was on both the delivering end and the receiving end of two big hits. He first crushed ... hey, look at that ... Brayden Schenn with this hit behind the net:

Later in the same game, Rinaldo gave him a nice dose of payback:

Fun times.