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Brayden Schenn suspended one game

Brayden Schenn will miss Thursday's game vs. the Rangers.

Bruce Bennett

And the NHL's Wheel of Justice spins forward. Brayden Schenn has been suspended one game for leaping into the face of Anton Volchenkov on Tuesday night. The NHL released the decision with a Shanny video.

Shanahan says it's charging, which we don't disagree with. We don't disagree that Schenn left his feet and made contact with Volchenkov's head. He notes that there was no injury on the play and that Schenn has no history of suspension or fine, things that should work in his favor. We felt it should've been a minor penalty, but alas. A game.

All in all, it's not a conspiracy and it's not all that farfetched that Schenn was suspended. One game isn't the end of the world, and really, if there's consistency moving forward, it's okay. Still disagree with it, but it's okay.

Schenn will miss tomorrow's game against the New York Rangers and will be back in the lineup Saturday night vs. Florida. Guess that means Tom Sestito in the lineup tomorrow, hooray!

Also, by the way NHL: We have two Schenns.