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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Ugh

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Today's Fly By aims to be less disappointing than the Flyers' power play. Shouldn't be too hard.


Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

*The Flyers make it two losses in a row on the back of another incredibly frustrating, lackluster performance. Recaps at BSH,,, Courier-Post, Yahoo! Sports, & TSN.

* long until we start freaking out about Giroux? Ginger Jesus has looked positively human through 7 games.

*Bryz was the best player on the ice (again) last night, and somehow this is still lost on Flyer's Nation. (The 700 Level)

*A few of the Flyers stopped by the Jimmy Fallon Show yesterday. (Flyers)

*Ed Snider was given a humanitarian award by the Philadelphia Sports Writer's Association, is pissed off about the Flyers' special teams. Aren't we all, Mr. Snider. (Inquirer)

*Check out these two incredible saves, one by Dallas' Kari Lehtonen and the other by KHL goaltender Pavel Poluektov - they're pretty awesome. (SB Nation, Puck Daddy)

*Phantoms defenseman Brandon Manning made the most of his first AHL All-Star appearance in Providence over the weekend. (Post Star)

*Alex Burrows tries to go Stamkos on Jonathan Quick, fails miserably. (CBS Sports)