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Monday Morning Fly By: Party in the streets!

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Lots of news, but all that matters is the lockout is over.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

* The lockout is over! Details abound: [] [Puck Daddy] [Flyers Faithful]

* But mostly, there are a lot of questions left: [Flyers Faithful] [Puck Daddy]

* NHL players celebrate on twitter: [] [CSNPhilly] [Puck Daddy]

* This CBA sucks for everybody: [Driving Play]

* The Phantoms were shutout against the Whale on Friday, losing 3-0: [Philadelphia Flyers] [Phantoms Forum] [The Saratogian]

* ... before beating them in overtime on Saturday, 2-1. Danny Syvret with the game-winning assist: [Philadelphia Flyers] [PostStar] [Phantoms Forum] [The Saratogian]

* What the lockout ending means for the Phantoms: [The Saratogian]

* Terry Murray's reaction to the lockout ending: [The Saratogian]

* Penn State lost to Connecticut on Friday by the score of 4-3: [Thank You Terry] and lost again on Saturday, 4-1: [Thank You Terry]

* Updates on construction of the Pegula Ice Arena: [Thank You Terry]

* The top 50 NHL draft prospects midway through the year: [Hockey Prospectus]

* The Dallas Stars' new jerseys are going to be green, with a new logo: [Dallas Stars Blog]

* Asking if goaltenders age in a predictable way: []

* Chase writes about the circumventing contracts and who is hurt by their apparent demise: []