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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Finally, actual hockey talk

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The Flyers are arriving in camp, though there are still injury concerns. Lubomir Visnovsky still doesn't want to go to the Islanders, plus some lockout humor.

Andre Ringuette

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

* The Flyers are slowly trickling back to Voorhees in preparation for the season: [Philadelphia Flyers] [Daily News] [Inquirer]

* The veterans - and some beloved former Flyers - who hung around are happy it's over: [Daily News]

* Danny Briere is going to see a specialist about his wrist, may miss time at the start of the season: [CSNPhilly]

* Andrej Meszaros says he is likely not ready to play games: [CSNPhilly]

* But Jim McCrossin says "shame on us" if the Flyers aren't prepared for the start of the season: []

* Paul Holmgren has difficult decisions in regards to the two compliance buyouts: [CSNPhilly]

* The "cap-recapture" rule that could have targeted the Richards, Carter, et al. contracts? Doesn't appear to cost the Flyers: [Flyers Faithful] [CBC Sports]

* The rule also doesn't appear to be well thought out, especially in the case of the newest members of the Minnesota Wild: [Fear the Fin]

* What the end of the lockout means for the Phantoms: [Phantoms Forum] [The Saratogian]

* Future Flyers report: [Flyers Faithful]

* Anze Kopitar might miss the start of the season due to an MCL sprain: []

* Lubomir Visnovsky once again does not want to report to the Islanders: [Lighthouse Hockey] [Puck Daddy]

* Odds on who will will the Stanley Cup are slightly odd: [] [the700level] [Backhand Shelf] [Puck Daddy]

* One way the NHL can thank fans is improving GameCenter Live: [Backhand Shelf]

* ...but don't expect free Center Ice: []

* College hockey rankings, with Minnesota and Notre Dame in the top two spots: [Western College Hockey Blog]

* With no Winter Classic, the Globetrotters played a game on ice in Michigan: [Deadspin]

* BoC exclusive: How the lockout was ended: [Battle of California]

* The 10 horrible people we met during the lockout: [Grantland]

* Surprises found in the new CBA: [Down Goes Brown]