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Friday Morning Fly By: Oh hey, Coyotes. Haven't seen you guys in a while.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Christian Petersen

*Phoenix Coyotes in town tonight. Haven't seen them in a while. Check back this afternoon for the BSH Gameday Preview!

*Vincent Lecavalier talks post-practice about preparing for those Coyotes. (Flyers)

*Coach Berube has been playing with the line combos a bit but seems to have found one he really likes. (Flyers)

*Meltzer takes a look at Jay Rosehill and the accountability issue. (Hockeybuzz)

*Zac Rinaldo wants to improve his game and has picked the best possible mentor to help him. (Flyers)

*Steve Mason and the case for temperance. (Flyers Faithful)

*Given the the Flyers have only scored a handful of goals thus far, there are quite a few guys on the roster still waiting to score their first of the year. (CSN Philly)

*The NHL's current power rankings show that the Flyers have nowhere to go but up. Unless they go down. (

*Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel has a lot more going for him than a cool name and a sweet early-90s Kid 'n Play haircut: he also hates Sidney Crosby. (BSH)

*This next week will be a big one for Craig Berube's Flyers. (CSN Philly)

*Sergei Fedorov has signed himself to a 1-year contract on the KHL team he is also the GM of. Don't get any ideas, Homer. (SB Nation)

*Adam Oates didn't like Tomas Hertl's now-famous goal. Luckily for fans of things that are enjoyable, he's probably in the minority.

*On when a referee should blow play dead when a player is hurt or a goalie is interfered with. (TSN)

*Apparently, Consol Energy Center has terrible ice. That's a shame. (Post-Gazette)

*Could the old-school Maple Leafs be the test case for advanced stats efficacy? (Grantland)

*Remember how Claude Giroux said he's having a bit of a confidence problem? Well, here's the cure, G. Spend the weekend reading these gems. (BSH)

*And finally, there are no words to describe Joe Thornton's reaction to Hertl's four goal game. You just have to read it. Warning: dirty words ahead. (Deadspin)