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Flyers vs. Red Wings recap: Penalties kill the fun in Detroit

Penalties ruined the Flyers hopes at a win at Joe Louis Arena on Saturday night.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight may have been the Flyers' best even strength performance of the season so far. Too bad they barely played any of the game at even strength.

The Flyers took seven minor penalties and allowed three Detroit power play goals tonight, which was clearly the difference in the game. Some of the calls were a little weak, but it doesn't matter: The Flyers came into tonight with just three teams ahead of them in penalties per game, and they'll probably end the night at the top of that list.

If they stayed out of the box, they probably would've won the game tonight. Instead, they lost 5-2 and the panic continues. I saw somebody on Twitter reference the 2006-07 season tonight. Yeah.</p> <p>It's Saturday night. I'm not going to write 500 more words about a game that the Flyers probably should've won if not for their own lack of discipline (and maybe a weak goal or two, but nevertheless, those chances don't even happen without putting Detroit on the PP). Let's just hope Coach Berube starts to address it sooner than later, because it's now two nights in a row that silly mistakes have cost the Flyers points in the standings.</p> <ol> <li>What does Berube's lineup look like without Lecavalier and Hartnell? <i>The top two lines were changed, and they looked pretty good. Much like last night, the third line of Couturier, Read and Talbot was very good, but the top two lines were good tonight too. McGinn played with Giroux and Voracek and Raffl played with Schenn and Simmonds. It worked ... like we said, even strength wasn't the issue. </i> </li> <li>How do McGinn and Raffl contribute? <i>Raffl had a few chances and McGinn scored a goal. Both also took penalties because that's what Flyers players do. </i> </li> <li>Can the Flyers possibly stop Detroit's top line? Which D pairing handles them? <i>Watch Detroit's fourth goal tonight and you'll have your answer. </i> </li> <li>How does Emery play? <i>Could've been better. </i> </li> <li>Goals? ... please?<i> haha no</i> </li> </ol> <h4>Comment of the Night</h4> <blockquote> <p>I feel better about this game than I did after the win against Florida.</p> <p style=">>> DrunkHockeyFan