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Thursday Morning Fly By: If ever there were a day to find the win...

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Bruce Bennett

*The dreaded Penguins are in town tonight; preview the game here and check back this afternoon for the BSH look at the matchup.

*The Flyers have some thoughts on playing the Penguins. (Flyers)

*One could argue that Tuesday's loss to the Canucks offered some positive progress, but as Meltzer says, silver linings get old without the wins to accompany them.

*It really was their best game of the season though. And they wasted it. (CSN Philly)

*Travis breaks down the Canucks' game-tying goal to see how exactly the Flyers broke down so badly. (BSH)

*ASF thinks the team is on the verge of becoming less awful. (Flyers)

*Tye McGinn is awesome in every way and should never play in the AHL again. (CSN Philly)

*BSHer PierceC offers up a defense of Brayden Schenn based on the numbers and BSHer RedWire put together a handy infographic to illustrate the Flyers slow and maddening decline.

*Fans of the also awful New Jersey Devils try to rationalize things by looking at how much the first month of the season matters in the long run. (In Lou We Trust)

*Eric T. on the predictive value of Corsi. (SB Nation)

*The Leafs fans take a look at one statistician's take on shot quality. (Pension Plan Puppets)

*Ranking the ten best skaters in the NHL. (Backhand Shelf)

*Thirty of Elliotte Friedman's latest thoughts. (CBC)

*A slideshow ranking of the most expensive tickets in the NHL. I thought we had it bad, but holy crap, Toronto! (Forbes)